What Do You Learn at a Cosmetology School?

Some helpful information about cosmetology school

Different states have different laws about what is required at a cosmetology school. Before making a final selection on a cosmetology school, make an appointment and tour the school, and check out the reviews online. You can also see pictures of the work that the students are doing.

That is very important, see how professional the pictures and go through the comments. Cosmetology school programs routinely run for about 1 year. Some states are less some are more, but a year is the average length of time they run.

In the program, students generally learn about cutting hair and coloring hair. In the beginning students also learn about skin care subject. There is a lot of classroom instruction in the beginning of composedly school. Students will also be able to practice what they learn on mannequins.

When students become more advanced, they are put on the floor and actually get to work on real people. Students learn about different types of hair processes, like perms, extensions. Some cosmetology schools allow speakers to come inside the school and teach a class to the students. These classes are taught by a professional that is already in the industry.

Students are taught about makeup techniques. Skin care is also taught, students learn about the layers of the skin and how to do a facial, the nails are taught, disease of the nails, how to do acrylic nails.

Students are basically ready to work in a salon when they have graduated and passed their state boards, which happens after a student has completed all of their course work, they are also taught the business end of the beauty business, like how to get a job, and how to get new clients and keep them, so customer service is also addressed.

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